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Intro to Object Oriented JavaScript

Are you an experienced JavaScript coder looking for something different? A Flash Developer wondering if there is a way to make JavaScript look more like ActionScript? An experienced programmer who hates the lack of structure in most scripts? While I don't have all the answers for you in this article I explain Object Oriented JavaScript both in theory and in practice. The guts of a nifty dhtml photo gallery is explained. Posted 05/15/2002.

Explaining The Neuralust Homepage

This is a case study explaining the process that the members of Neuralust took to create a rotating series of designs for the homepage. The end product is a set of radically different designs based on the concept of separation of style and content through CSS. Posted 10/26/2001.

Tracking Visitor's Browser Sizes

This article explains the use of a JavaScript to record visitor's browser window sizes in an attempt to proove/disproove the myth of a common browser size in web design. Originally Published on 10/02/2001.

Presentation Notes: Browser As Canvas

The outline and notes for my presentation at NMUF NY 2001 on the topic of creative problem solving & thinking of the browser window as your canvas. Originally Published on 07/21/2001.